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Twinkle (new) A Course on "Theology of the book of ACts COurse (Dec 2017 – Feb 2018)

Twinkle A Course on "HERMENEUTICS & BIBLE STUDY METHODS" at HITHA (July – September, 2017)

Twinkle Caste and Christianity in India: A Theological, Historical, and Legal Analysis Comments

Twinkle Ministry Update -- March 2016

Twinkle Praise and Prayer points for HITHA as of February 2016

Twinkle Homiletics: Preparing and Preaching Good Sermons” Course @ HITHA

Twinkle Very Encouraging Feedback, Interaction with People   Endorsement-Dr. Johnson C Philip

Audio (English) : A Longing for Eternity- How can it be Satisfied? Radio Talk-Sudhakar Mondithoka on Navodhayam

Twinkle Homiletics – Preparing   Preaching Biblical Sermons” Course @ HITHA with Dr. C. S. Dutt, Ph. D

Twinkle Click Here for the itinerary on Home page

Twinkle (new) An Overview Of Ephesians 4:1-6 Sudhakar Mondithoka speaking on Velugu TV

Twinkle Asaliana Prashna Sisaliana Javabu with Sudhakar Mondithoka form USA On 31- 08- 2013.

Twinkle Asaliana Prashna Sisaliana Javabu (about Quran ) 5-5-2013 with S. Mondithoka.

Twinkle Asaliana Prashna Sisaliana Javabu with S. Mondithoka on 25-12-2011.

Twinkle Asaliana Prashna Sisaliana Javabu with S. Mondithoka on Trinity 17-2-2013 PArt - 2.

Twinkle Photos of the First Annual Church Retreat of the Indian Christian Church of Sacramento (ICCS)

Twinkle Do I have the Right Kind of Faith? - the Greatness of the Great Faith of the Canaanite Woman

Twinkle Video of the Sermon/Talk on "Are All Religions Really the Same?" Delivered at Galilee Baptist Church, Denver on the 25th of Aug. 2013.

Audio (Telugu) : Interview with Sudhakar Mondithoka   Sam Bob Vippari on Shubhodayam Christian Radio Program (Bay area KLOK 1170):

Twinkle Ministry Update with Praise and Prayer Points, Sudhakar and Santhi Mondithoka (October-November 2013)

Audio (English) : Rev.Sudhakar Mondithoka Interview - Rhema Radio-Auckland March 1-2013 ?

Twinkle Videos of the Refutation of the Islamic Arguments Against the Death and Resurrection of Jesus by Naren   Sudhakar Mondithoka of Sakshi Apologetics Network in India:
Twinkle Encouraging feedback March 2013

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Itinerary for the month of December 2013

2-6, Bangalore: Completing the teaching (a Course in Christian Apologetics) at SABC

8, Guntur: Speaking in an Evangelistic Community Christmas meeting with over 400 people (mostly from Hindu and other religious backgrounds) being expected.

10   11, Nuzividu and Vijayawada: Speaking in Evangelistic Christmas meetings for College and University Students being organized by the Evangelical Union Students.

12, Warangal: Speaking in the United Christmas celebrations for which some IAS/IPS officers are also expected.

14, Hyderabad: Speaking in the wedding of a very close brother’s daughter.

15, Hyderabad: Speaking in an Evangelistic Christmas meeting for professionals from non-Christian backgrounds being organized by a Church (Zion Fellowship).

19, Nizamabad: Speaking in an Evangelistic Christmas meeting for students being organized by the Evangelical Union Students.

20, Hyderabad: Speaking in an Evangelistic Christmas meeting in Arts College, Osmania University (being organized by Life in Christ Ministry).

21, Hyderabad: Speaking in an Evangelistic Christmas meeting for/with the Friends of Other Faiths in the Oil/Energy sector (being organized by the Christians in the Oil/Energy Companies).

25, Hyderabad: Speaking in the Christmas Service (English) of the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lakadikapool.

28, Ongole: Attending a close brother’s son’s wedding and sharing a brief message in the reception.

1 January 2014, Ongole: Speaking in the New Year’s Day service at Jewett Memorial Baptist Church

To God be the glory!

FM 101.9 Radio Program featuring Sudhakar Mondithoka on 23rd from 5.30 pm
FM 101.9 Radio Program featuring Sudhakar Mondithoka on 23rd from 5.30 pm

Audio (English) : FM 101.9 Radio Program featuring Sudhakar Mondithoka on 23rd from 5.30 pm ?

Question Nephilim:Sons of God and Daughters of Men Comments

Twinkle "The Wounded Healer (In Telugu) -- written by Santhi Mondithoka"
"The Wounded Healer (In English) -- written by Santhi Mondithoka" Comments

Twinkle Prepare to be persecuted - Interview with Sudhakar Mondithoka -- published on Christian week news Comments

Twinkle Answering the Dawah/Islamic Critics of Christianity Organized by Sakshi Apologetics Network and HITHA (31 July 2010) : Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka (Telugu)   Bro. Jerry Thomas (English)

Twinkle Lent season - Apologetics Related Questions Asalaina Prashna, Sisalaina Jawabu (Telugu) : Live Q A Session on Rakshana TV : Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka   Bro. Benhur Jakkula

Twinkle Creation Related Questions Asalaina Prashna, Sisalaina Jawabu (Telugu) : Live Q A Session on Rakshana TV : Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka   Bro. Benhur Jakkula

Twinkle Is Jesus Christ just a Prophet? Asalaina Prashna, Sisalaina Jawabu (Telugu) : Live Q A Session on Rakshana TV : Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka   Bro. Benhur Jakkula

Twinkle Asalaina Prashna, Sisalaina Jawabu (Telugu) : Live Q A Session on Rakshana TV : Answer to a Question about Cloning : Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka   Bro. Benhur Jakkula

Twinkle Asalaina Prashna, Sisalaina Jawabu (Telugu) : Live Q A Session on Rakshana TV : Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka   Bro. Benhur Jakkula

Search For Truth Series : Audio Sermons (in Telugu language)

Evolution Vs Creation

Did HE rise from the dead?

Complete Copies can be ordered from sudhakar@mondithokas.com Or sudhakarm@yahoo.com

Twinkle 50th Birth Day – 50 years of God’s goodness – Some Reflections Comments

Twinkle Trinity-A Biblical and Theological Analysis

Twinkle Photos of Ministry in Kuwait, September and October 2010

Twinkle The Spiritual Discipline of Systematic Bible Intake

Question Life After Death: Reincarnation or Resurrection? Comments

Twinkle The DVDs of the 5 Tremendous Messages of Rev. Sunder Krishnan on Living as Called People in a Driven World are available. Please contact for your set.

Twinkle Faith Beyond Reason: A Balanced Biblical View of Faith -- Expanded Version

Written for and Published in The Greater Hyderabad United Christmas Celebrations' Souvineir. The Characters Around the First Christmas Twinkle

Twinkle Families and the Purposes of God - Ministry through Families -- Expanded version

Twinkle Reaching the Friends of Other Faiths: 1st Century Paul in Athens - A Model for the 21st Century Christians

Question Do I have the Right Kind of Faith?

Characteristics of a Christian Leader The Telugu translation of this article is now published in VJ, April issue.

A shorter version of the following article was written for Vidyarthi Jwala was published in the December Issue (in Telugu).
Twinkle The What and Why of Apologetics: A Very Short Introduction of Christian Apologetics
Twinkle Theology and Practice of Christian Giving
Twinkle Renewed Mind and Transformed Life

Here are the first three of four messages delivered at regional graduates conference. The first article is now published in Harvest Times for Your Family, the GLS magazine. Check back for the rest of the messages.
TwinkleMessage1-Being Holy Because God is Holy
TwinkleMessage2-What it means for us to be holy
TwinkleMessage3-Holiness in Thought Life

David and his Three Military Chiefs: Learning Some Spiritual Lessons from a Battle Scene

Brief Ministry Update August 2014

As you know we returned from the 2 months long US Ministry Trip on the 13th of August and since then we have been busy with many different things in addition to the work of/in the KoG. The Lord blessed the ministry greatly in the US (Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Denver in Colorado, Los Angeles and San Diego etc).

We had put Shamuel in Sri Chaitanya Techno School - back to Indian system after two years of home schooling through A Beka Academy International, USA. It is very challenging as he is having to start learning two languages (Telugu and Hindi from the beginning) and he was late by two months (as he graduated from the American School in July). Please do pray for him. We are trying our best to encourage him and motivate him to keep working hard. It is not easy at all. He needs (and we too need) much grace.

I did an hour long program on William Cary in Aradana TV on August 17 and then did a two hours long Q&A Session (Asalina Prashna Sisalina Jawabu) in Rakshna TV in addition to the lecture at HITHA on "Equipping the People of God for Works of Service - Does Theological Eduction Make Any Diffeence?" on the 6th of September. Santhi has also conducted women's fasting prayers and spoken in a couple of Church meetings for women. I did pastors' seminars in Nagar Kurnool and then in Medak on "Building a Healthy Church" and Santhi did a big women's even in LB Nagar with over 1000 women (arranged by the Christian Association) and she also spoke in a Women's Sunday Service in a Church. Santhi will speak in the State Level Nurses conference and other events before we both leave for Abu Dhabi and then Sharjah (for the GTCM Gulf Regional Conference, 3-5 October) and then I will be in Port Blair for another GTCM Regional Conference.

We have been enabled by God to all the above ministry in spire of the fact that Santhi had to undergo pneumatic compressor treatment (for 10 days) for the swelling in her right hand (whole hand) - an after affect of the surgery that she had undergone more than seven years ago. This treatment is over but helped very little and we need to go for a mechanized compressor sleeve (we have to get it from the US). Please do pray for her. I have been having some fluctuations of my blood sugar levels and the last week or so I have been experiencing terrible weakness. I am trying to work hard on this and we are also exercising/trying to exercise regularly now. I am thankful that I am able to take my medicine regularly and control diet also strictly. Please do pray for both of us.

We have also been taking care of things at HITHA. The financial audit is over (just today) and the Foundations of Theology Course is going on (it will be over by the end of this month) - Dr. Clement Kuchipudi has been teaching this course.

We both are now trying to cut down on traveling and speaking (at least from November) so that we might be able to concentrate on our Ph. D work and we need to work in a focused way at least for three more years.

We thank you for all your love and support of the ministry and our family. Many thanks to you both and for the support by way of taking care of the websites.

I am sorry that I have not been able to write to you earlier. I will write to each one of you separately. We do remember you and pray for you. Please do keep us updated.

With many thanks to each of you.

In the Lord and His Mission,
Sudhakar Mondithoka

Please pray that we might have more students taking courses or doing full study programs at HITHA (Hyderabad Institute of Theology and Apologetics), so that the financial burden of running the college might be reduced and with the same investment of time and resources more blessing might result.

  • Please pray that Santhi might be able to finish her work on the Commentary om the Book of Ruth for the South Asia Bible Commentary project (by the end of this month).
  • Please pray for God’s blessing on all our speaking, writing, and other ministry engagements and also for Santhi’s Ph. D studies at/through SAIACS-Mysore University.
  • Please pray for Shamuel as he is going to begin his new school year soon (from the 13th) and he is now going into class 6
  • Please pray that I might get selected for the Ph. D program through OCMS (Oxford Center for Mission Studies) that I have applied for and for the financial support for me to pursue doctoral studies. If I do get selected I will have to be in Oxford for 10 weeks from October beginning and then six weeks every following year (may be three to four years in all).

Reason Vs. Faith -- Sudhakar's comment Published in Hyderbad Times, Times of India, October 7, 2007, p. 1.
God has given humans the ability to think rationally and the right to express themselves freely. The right to expression is also constitutionally guaranteed in a democracy. I am for that freedom. However, freedom comes with responsibility. I cannot do whatever I want to, particularly if it infringes upon others' freedom. When Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was published, I argued for his freedom of speech, and so did many churches. It was not banned in Christian communities in Europe and America. However, highly qualified clergy and even secular scholars responded to his views in a scholarly way. So, it is about understanding each other in reasonable, logical ways. There can be a healthy debate. Reason has a valid role to play in understanding and communicating faith in a friendly and respectful manner. But Fundamentalism expresses itself in emotional outbursts and if we are emotional then our reason goes down. Loudness of an argument and low levels of logic generally go hand in hand and this is not good.

The Lord is good and faithful and all glory and praise be to Him alone. Here are the comments from some who sent 'thank you notes' after different conferences & meetings over the past two months:

  • For the first time in my life I realized that I should reason out my faith and grow stronger- deeper in and more confident about my faith
  • I realized how important apologetics is for me as a Christian both in my life and in my ministry
  • I realized that in the present world being a Christian without the knowledge of apologetics is very difficult
  • It was liberating to know that it is alright for me to have doubts and that I could share them with others and receive help from them
  • My approach to Christian life and ministry has been changed for better as I have been exposed to the scriptural teaching on the place of mind in Christian discipleship

Very encouraging feedback

SAIACS News, Dec. 2005 carried this News Item about the Modular Course that Rev. Mondithoka taught in the month of Sept. 2005 to the M. A 2nd year students:

In Defense of Apologetics
Christian Apologetics, since its appearance in the realm of theological education, has continued to be one of the much sought after subjects by students world over. Guess what! SAIACS offered a full module on 'Contemporary World Religions and Christian Apologetics' to the MA second year students in September. The course instructor, Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) from Chennai was brilliant. He taught us from his wide experience and knowledge. Through his dynamic, befitting, and at times even forceful lectures, Mondithoka made the students realize the importance of knowing other religious faiths and the uses of Apologetics for effective communication of the Gospel. As a part of the course requirement, the students were sent in small groups of three or four to meet and share the Gospel with people other faiths outside SAIACS Campus. This turned out to be an outstanding module.
-(Sam K. John, MA II)
*** Very Encouraging Feedback from SAIACS (where I taught a course on Christian Ethics to MA 2nd year students during June):
One of the students in the class wrote . . .

. . . I take this privilege to thank you for your commitment for us. We have learnt so much from you. Before sitting in your class, there seemed to be so many gray areas in life. But now, everything seems to be more black and white. You have made ethical issues so much simpler. We will always remain indebted to you for your efforts. I am always impressed by your energy!
I hope we will have the opportunity to sit in your class again soon. God bless.
Milton Terang

Response to the talk on the Da Vinci Code:
Once student wrote the following (many others had similar things to say in their thank you notes)

Dear anna (=older brother),

I am raju, came to JESUS as my personal Saviour in 2003.i am doing my engineering in bhimavaram. i am a member of iceu bvrm. i attended a seminar on dvc (Da Vinci Code) at our city center. i was in hyd last Sunday. It was very useful for me as i got good information about dvc and i thank GOD for dvc bcoz now i can answer my friends questions.

Anna, I really thank GOD for ur family. i want to know some more information regarding dvc and other contemporary issues. Please send me the names of the sites, which i hope will help me to worship my Lord with my whole mind.

thanking u,
ur thammudu (= younger brother)
raju b.

Encouraging Feedback, March 2013

ANNA (big brother), Praise the Lord. Anna, your way of expression and manner of treating people and their questions is excellent. I like you very much. Some collection of your sermons and your articles is helping me in knowing God. You are my spiritual master. My name is Koteswar Rao. I am about 32 and am working as a teacher. Anna I am very happy because of you. Presently I am living in Hyderabad at Borabanda.

Encouraging feedback

Respected Sir,

Greetings to you in His Holy Name!
I am glad that I could attend the Sunday service on last Sunday i.e. 11.01.2009 and could hear the message on Families and God’s purposes. It was wonderful. After my completion of M.Th, now I am involved in teaching ministry at COTR Theological Seminary in Visakhapatnam. I was there in Secunderabad for 5 days to attend the personal Contact Programme of MSW through Annamalai University. It was Prabhu who told me that there is English service at Centenary Baptist Church. As soon as I heard that you are going to preach there, I rushed to the Church. Now, I am tempted to attend the service just to hear the series of message that you started last Sunday. But practically I am not able to make it possible. Anyhow, I have received the written message from your website but I am really missing the opportunity of hearing from you directly.

Sir, the recent persecution made me to change my ministry place and now we are preparing prayerfully to move to Orissa. Therefore, may be by next April or May we will move from here. Please pray for us. Along with one Oriya brother who is a business man living in Hyderabad have discussed to conduct a meeting and to take you as main speaker to our hometown (Utkal Baptist Church – Prabhu Kumar has visited our Church) Church in Orissa. Pray that God may grant us His grace to fulfill our plan for His glory. Please continuously pray for us. We are praying for you. Now, if you are in SABC, please convey our regard to Jyithikanth Sadhu and Sanjukta. Thanking you. Please convey our regard to Santhi madam.

In His Grace,
Lalit Kumar Bardhan
COTR Theological Seminary,
Dorathota, Box- 3
Bheemunipatnam Post
Visakhapatnam – 531 163.

*** It is all the Lord's doing and we are privileged to be His servants – we are His servants and we have just done what we are called to do, that is, our duty. So all glory to Him alone.

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